Binned IWA subscription

Published: Monday, 05 August 2019

ON FRIDAY I received my annual application for membership of the Inland Waterways Association, and have binned it, writes Joan Phillips.

I have been a member since we bought our first boat 12 years ago, when the Association represented us, by challenging any suspect decision from British Waterways of that time, but after it 'signed up' or whatever it is called, with Canal & River Trust, it challenges nothing.

Not a murmur from the Association

All those thousands of pounds, or could even be a million, on [CaRT] rebranding itself received not a murmur from the Association, though it was its members money that was being squandered.  And this stupid 'Better by Water' scheme that the Trust is now well into is another waste, with neither having any benefit to us boaters whatsoever.

Many have pointed out in your columns how it is all costing maintenance spending, that is clearly bourne out by the dramatic failure of the Whaley Bridge reservoir, yet again, having just browsed the Association's website, it makes no mention of the Trust's failure in its maintenance that has had such drastic repercussions, so obviously 'toeing the line' and not rocking the boat.

I notice that the Association no longer tells of its membership, which since it took to being a lapdog must have plummeted, as others have told me they are no longer members.