Chickens (more like Vultures) coming home to roost...

Published: Saturday, 03 August 2019

THE Whaley Bridge dam collapse hopefully will lead to serious questions being asked as to CaRT's fitness for purpose as custodians of the UK canal system, writes Ralph Freeman.

It has become obvious to everyone associated with the canal system and it's infrastructure that Canal & River Trust has converted what remained of the old British Waterways Engineering led organisation into a PR outfit spending valuable resources, not on inspections and subsequent maintenance, but on adverts, logos and propaganda.

'Let it fail' policy

I suggest CaRT's glib attitude to thorough inspections, together with a ludicrous 'let it fail' policy has been taken to limits such that the safety of the general public has been put a risk.

A Public Enquiry into the PR led charity, CaRT, should now be a priority. Think Toddbrook reservoir.