Wheaton Aston Lock operating on a wing and a prayer!

Published: Thursday, 01 August 2019

AFTER realising that Wheaton Aston Lock is in dire straits CaRT has admitted the failing cill could need an 'emergency closure'.

Though the condition of the lock cill on the bottom gates of the Shropshire Union Canal lock had been reported by no few, we now learn, it was not until after Victor told it was about to 'give up the ghost' and showing a photograph that CaRT finally took interest.

2WheatonAstomIn a perilous state

It was then realised that the cill was indeed in a perilous state and due to fail at any moment so CaRT had staff on hand for it was in a mess as there are festivals in the vicinity with boats needing access.

The problem with such a badly leaking bottom cill is that the lock is unable to fill, there being more water going out that coming in when the level gets near to the top, hence the staff to help move the lock beam.

The latest report, Keith Gudgin tells us, is that CaRT is aware of the 'leaking water' at Wheaton Aston Lock and have scheduled a repair to start in October.

Could be emergency closure

Some idea of the condition of the cill, that was for so long ignored, is shown by the statement 'we might have to implement an emergency closure if the leak worsens in the meantime'.