Did not research first

Published: Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Josie Blackburn’s story [Worst decision we ever made] is extremely sad for her and her family, but it amazes me that they didn’t research the inland waterways more carefully, writes Kevin McNiff.

Tim, Pru and the Waterworld series on ITV many years ago have had a similar effect on many totally unwary and ill-prepared.

To fully understnad

Having lived aboard for 19 years, I have always told people who asked about the life to have a week’s holiday on a hireboat (and that preferably during the winter) to fully understand how living on the water really is.

Josie says the boat was launched into the water at Crick. Really? I’m sure she meant the Grand Union at least, or the only cruising distance would be from Watford Top Lock to Foxton top—if they could get through all the bridge holes.

My advice would be to sell the wide beam ASAPI’m sure they’d get a reasonable priceand buy a narrowboat. Better still, do a swop with someone keen to upsize; there are quite a few going that route.

A warning to others

I somehow suspect that life on the water has already been tarnished beyond hope, but I am glad that NBW published her story as a warning to others.

[We have discovered that Josie's boat was taken from Crick to the boatbuilder's then after modifications eventually launched at the marina below Norton Junction on the Grand Union.—Editor.]