Taking issue with Victor

Published: Monday, 29 July 2019

I must take issue with Victor regarding his article 'We are on our own', writes Brian Jarrett.

The National Association of Boat Owners makes every effort to take up with CaRT any issue that is seen to impede or change boater rights and use of the inland waterways.

In fact, when approaching certain boaters to join the association it has been stated “Oh, you are the lot always complaining!”

Highlighting situations

No, they are simply highlighting situations to force discussion and hopefully a positive resolution.

Encouraging positive boaters to join NABO can only help to force CaRT to listen to and take boaters, canal societies and other boating related organisations opinions into account when formulating any action that affects the safe and continuing operation of our inland waterways.

[We must point out that Victor's complaint was NABO does not publicise its endeavours.]