Do we run from the bullies—or fight?

Published: Saturday, 27 July 2019

TONY Brooks effectively said he was fed up with CaRT's ways so was selling up but in the next paragraph states that 'boaters should stand up and be counted now', writes John Coxon.

So which category does he fall into, those who have caved in to CaRT and its dictatorial ways or those who are going to stand up to it? Selling up means there's one less boater to be counted and one less voice to be heard doesn't it?

Do we run or stand up?

Do we run from bullies or stand and fight? The silence I encountered about the mass closures and failures last year, from associations and clubs as well as individuals, told me that getting boaters to do something to save the canals appears to be a waste of time!

I, along with many others, have left all the canal associations etc. I paid into due to their total indifference. They lost from me a combined amount totalling £176.50. There's more to being an association than parading as a committee member and asking for money.

Need to start looking

They need to start looking after what it is they are there to look after—the canals and their members interests in the canals, and this doesn't just mean the little bit that their boat is on etc.

We need to realise that the more that sell up and leave the less there are to fight so saying 'boaters should stand up and be counted now wouldn't be much good if there aren't any boaters left will it? Perhaps this is what CaRT wants!

If only all those who were selling up just hung on a bit and spoke to their MPs etc. then we might just get somewhere. Running away, or like so many association committees—putting their head in the sand, only makes the matter worse by reducing our voice and presence!

Perhaps putting a narrowboat on a trailer and blocking a main road in London might get those who can do something to see what's happening to the canals. (Any takers?)