Huddersfield Narrow breached

Published: Monday, 17 June 2019

THE poor Huddersfield Narrow Canal is out of action yet again.

It has breached between locks 28E and 29E above Slaithwaite so is now closed, Keith Gudgin reports. This occurred yesterday, Sunday, with the short pound lowered, so will be closed until further notice.

'Leak and a hole'

The word 'breach' is now no longer used by Canal & River Trust, as it sounds too dramatic—as it actually is, but is described either as a 'leak' or a 'hole', but this must be a particularly bad breach as it is described as a 'leak and a hole'!

 We are told it is being 'assessed', and both the navigation and the towpath are closed, as the breach is on the towpath side.

Took nine months to repair

It is hoped that the repair does not take as long as the last breach on the Middlewich Branch (that was described as a 'hole' and wrongly blamed on boaters leaving paddles up!) that took nine months to repair.

Being such short pounds on the Huddersfield Narrow, there were no boats affected.