A week of unhappy bunnies!

Published: Friday, 14 June 2019

MOORED just off Fradley on the Coventry Canal, I can tell you it has been a week of very unhappy bunnies indeed, writes Edwin Forbes.

And for once it is no fault of CaRT, it is the blasted continuous week of rain. Often walking along to the locks I have never heard such grumblings from boaters and volunteers alike, though the sensible continuous cruisers like myself with any sense simply holed up for the week.

Very good reason

It was those either on a fairly strict holiday routine or hirers that were complaining, with very good reason, for the rain just did not let up all week, and it's now Friday and it's still coming down.

There were those with children that I really felt sorry for, as the kids could only be bundled inside with nothing to do but complain. There were many who either did not have wet weather gear or it had become soaked, as they were certainly not dressed for this kind of boating.

Trent in flood

And the other complaint of course was that the Trent at both Arlewas and Sawley was well and truly in flood so many were stuck unable to get to their destinations.

Piling on the agony the volunteers had the sense to give it a miss, and who can blame them if CaRT people who are getting paid won't do it, why should unpaid volunteers stand out all day in the rain? So they were very thin on the ground at Fradley and I was told missing completely at Stenson.

And yes, all week I did not see a single one of those millions of visitors getting their 'wellbeing' by the water. 'Wellbeing'? Pneumonia more like!