David: Real problem of rubbish

Published: Wednesday, 12 June 2019

FROM a boater's perspective the real problem is the rubbish in the water, which then tangles
round the prop.

I'm afraid that quite a lot of boaters, having cleared the prop, then leave the rubbish on the towpath, from where I am sure it is often thrown back in.

At the risk of sounding pious, we avoid this by keeping a bin in the engine room to take what comes out of
the weed hatch. The bin was not big enough for our recent trip along the Walsall!

To be fair to CaRT, I don't think there is a solution to the problem, which is by no means peculiar to the canal system, for as long as a proportion of the population feels entitled to drop their rubbish whenever it suits them.

A campaign to persuade the more responsible sort to pick up litter is as good a solution as you are likely to get. Perhaps they should consider organising more volunteer litter picks, though this will not deal with the rubbish in the canal, which requires a boat and grappling hooks. I was told by a CaRT employee that it is difficult to get volunteers for this sort of work, though they are happy to turn out for flower planting and painting.

Crick 2Crick Show

I went this year for the first time for some years and thought it was worth the money.

The price charged is in the same bracket as a National Trust property or a preserved railway and they all provide several hours entertainment; I reckon it is a lot more cost effective than going to see a film or a play, where the cost per hour can come out a lot higher.

My view might be affected by the fact that I discovered, quite by accident, that Groupon were offering tickets for the Monday at only £6.50; if you're going next year might be worth keeping an eye open for this.

David Hymers