Stoke Bruerne Canal Museum's world premier

Published: Thursday, 06 June 2019

STOKE Bruerne Canal Museum welcomes world premier of a new musical for children!

Join canal boats, Milly, Muddy Waters and Jolly Boatman for a midsummer  one hour magical musical mystery trip through a very long tunnel on Sunday 9th June.

Many local links

The canal museum at Stoke Bruerne will be welcoming the World Premiere of a new musical for children on Sunday June 9th. One with many local links. This lively new musical is set around Stoke Bruerne and the Blisworth Canal Tunnel and features stunning hand made puppets—Muddy, Jolly and Milly are all boats hard at work on the waterways, helped by Dolly the horse and, sometimes, Mrs Crane (who can be a bit grumpy).

Supported by an Arts Council England grant, Northamptonshire based Bonnet and Belt Theatre Company will be bringing this brand new musical to the very spot where much of the story takes place with BlisworthTunnel having a starring role.

Life and work for boats

'Midsummer Milly' is a 50 minute musical based on the story of the same name by canal author Dan Clacher. The popular Muddy Waters series deals with life and work for boats on the canals. Milly is a wooden boat whose leaking hull is cured by a magical trip through the 3km Blisworth tunnel to the old world. A light hearted story with grit at its heart - for once cured in the Old World, Milly cannot return through the tunnel and chooses to stay in the Old World. For young boat Jolly this means saying goodbye, accepting she must stay and returning without her.

The show will be at 2.30pm on the green (or indoors if the weather is poor). It lasts 50 to 55 minutes but why not make a day of it? Visit the museum, take a boat trip, watch the boats working through the locks, enjoy the café, a local pub or bring a picnic.

Entry is free

Bring a folding chair and rug if it's chilly. Entry to the show is free with 'pay what you can' donations at the end. You can even meet the boat characters before you leave.

Aimed at children aged 5-8 and their faimilies, we are told there are shivery moments and laugh out loud moments and songs you will be humming for days!