Shroppie better maintained

Published: Friday, 10 May 2019

IT SEEMS I have the good fortune to moor on the Shropshire Union Canal, writes, 'Pinky' Wells.

For it seems the only canal that is not having stoppages these days, reading of so many all over the system, with those up North really suffering from endless breakages, and even what is described as the second most popular, the Oxford, having its fair share.

Could show CaRT

I don't think for one moment the lack of stoppages on the Shroppie has much to do with Canal & River Trust , but firmly in the hands of the Shropshire Union Canal Society, that could well show Canal & River Trust how a canal can be properly looked after.

Middlewich picnicThe society's members are out in all weathers making sure gates and paddles are operating properly and do something about it if they are not, preventing the failures that are happening all over the system. And they are all volunteers.

Moorings and picnic areas

In addition the society is responsible for installing moorings and picnic areas for boaters, unlike Canal & River Trust who are more concerned about facilities for visitors.

I have to admit however, that the Trust does look after the Llangollen Canal, but it has to keep the water flowing to the reservoir and there are so many hire companies on that canal, that is perhaps the reason.