Dunton Windlass still available

Published: Friday, 10 May 2019

IT SEEMS that boaters wanting the lightweight Dunton Windlasses are having problems tracking them down.

Yet they are still available with Graham Robinson of Star able to supply them, either the normal size or the longer 'double', through the post.

The Dunton FamilyImmensely popular

When they were introduced some years ago, their light weight—they are made from high grade heat treated alloy—meant they became immensely popular, as they are not only lighter to handle but able to fit all paddle gear.

The only problem however is that, unlike normal steel windlasses, if they were dropped in the water then they were lost, as magnets could not retrieve them, even with many jubilee clips attachedthey were lost, and hence with few outlets, they have become scarce.

Supply both types

However Graham has a good stock and can supply both types, the Double at £49 and the longer Double+ at £50, plus £5.50 postage. Contact him through his mobile 07754 948164.