Massive grant for Cotswold Canals

Published: Thursday, 09 May 2019

HIGHWAYS England have given £4 millions to restore a 'missing mile' of the Stroudwater Navigation.

The navigation was blocked way back in the 60's when the M5 was built and the A38/A419 roundabout constructed, but the money will allow the 'dead' mile of that part of the Cotswold Canals to be reinstated, Alan Tilbury reports.

£23 millions project

This is all part of the £23 millions project to restore the navigation from the Severn to the Thames that was first instigated in 1972.

To date a five miles section of the waterway between Thrupp and Stonehouse has been restored with work under way to connect it to the inland waterway network at Saul.

Pulled out

At one time Canal & river Trust were involved with the restoration but pulled out, the reason given being that money was needed for a breach repair on the Montgomery Canal.