Leeds & Liverpool closed until middle of June!

Published: Wednesday, 08 May 2019

IF YOU are considering cruising the length of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, then don't bother.

There is yet a further delay to the repair at Burnley with notice that the next possible date of opening is now the 18th June, Keith Gudgin reports.

Last November

Yet it was way back in November last year that the canal was closed for the repair that has now been going on for six months!

The work includes repairing a wash wall, removing silt and relining, but has caused delay after delay. Nothing ever took so long in the days of British Waterways as it does now, with stoppage after stoppage incurring delay after delay, that many believe is the result of getting rid of the knowledgeable 'in house' workers of the past and replacing them with obviously inexperienced contractors.

Twice the re-opeing date had to be extended, and really there is little guarantee that the June date will be met.

More stoppages

This is of course in addtion to the Sandholme Aqueduct stoppage that should be opened today, but alas no notice. And not forgeting Coxhead's Swing Bridge that is only open at noon on Mondays and Fridays.

And yes, all the lock flights on the Leeds & Liverpool under restriction, that doesn't bode much for the rest of the season