Obviously organised by someone who knows

Published: Wednesday, 17 April 2019

SEEING all the lack of organisation by CART trying for a second time to repair/replace lip seals on a canal shows that there are too many 'office workers' trying to organise how to do a job, writes Alan Baker.

So then they can't be blamed if it goes wrong,

Hive of activity

They need to contact the workers who organised the putting on of lip seals on the Shropshire Union at Adderley locks some three years ago.

The flight was closed at around 7.00pm (I walked up in the evening and it was a hive of activity with the lock fenced of).

The lock was opened next morning about 7.00 am. When we cruised through about 9.00am the only sign of work was the lip seal fixed and some grass a bit trampled.

Job done overnight

All fencing, generators etc were on boats in the top pound. Job done overnight no holdups. Obviously organised by someone who knows how to do and plan a job.