CaRT should take proactive action

Published: Sunday, 14 April 2019

Whilst John Henry has a valid point regarding the age and crumbling infrastructure of the canals, CaRT could be taking some proactive action, writes Brian Jarrett.

BrianWallSuch as pursuing an action of trying to make other agency’s shoulder some of the on going maintenance, ie pass all bridges carrying a road over to the highways agency, as most of the damage to these bridges is mainly the result of traffic damage!

Rebuilt with modern materials

Hold discussions with English Heritage to delist certain lock structures such that they can be rebuilt with recycled and modern materials such that once carried out their life cycle would be dramatically extended.

It’s all very well putting in pretty flower beds etc (as Brian's photographs show) but on-going maintenance requirements should be reduced to a minimum in order to make the system sustainable in the future.