New 'marina' for the Nene

Published: Tuesday, 09 April 2019

THERE are plans for a £33m development at Wellingborough on the Nene that includes a marina.

This is planned for Rushden Lakes and is the result of a feasibility study by Wellingborough Council as part of  a concept put together by a consortium that includes the town’s chamber of commerce, the town centre partnership and the River Nene Regional Park. Richard Hall reports.

'High level concept'

As the plan however includes riverside accommodation and the possibility of an hotel, it seems it is not so much a marina but a housing development, described as a 'high level concept' that includes water taxis to the town centre.

The plans have not yet been submitted, as there is the problem of finance with investors still required to fund the development that came about as a result of the feasibility study for a scheme after Wellingborough Council awarded the Nene Valley Catchment Partnership a £15,000 grant last year to look at potential projects for the waterside area.

As to the actual marina, we are only told that there will be 48 hours moorings for boats, with no intimation of any facilities.