Bridgewater Canal boat licence fees rise

Published: Thursday, 04 April 2019

The Bridgewater Canal Company has upped its boat licences by what is considered an unfair 3%.

We would like to raise awareness and comment on what we feel is a very unfair 3% price rise on the Bridgewater canal licence cost, effective the 1st of April, writes Lorraine of the Federation of Bridgewater Cruising Clubs.

See nothing extra

Every year we keep getting price increases and see nothing extra from them for the boater. For some of our members 3% will push the cost of boating beyond what they can afford.

In comparison, despite CaRT having miles of waterways and locks to maintain they have no increases in their licence this year. Yet Bridgewater Canal Company only have 39 miles and one lock and feel 3% is needed.

We are all curious to see what projects this money will be spent on to justify this rise, and our boaters hope a rise this high means it will be the last one for a few years.