So much for the rules

Published: Monday, 01 April 2019

I concur whole heartedly with Tony Dunkley’s comments regarding CaRT, writes Brian Jarrett.

AtherstoneFlightBrian sent an email to John Horsfall, Head of Boating together with the photograph, clearly showing fishing peg numbers for the fishing competition along Atherstone Flight on the Coventry Canal:

Hi John I don’t know if your the right person to send this to; as you appear to have dropped the title of 'head of boating'!
It’s a pity I only seem to contact you with negative input!
Despite sending you photos of the last fishing competition along the Atherstone Lock Flight. Still fishing pegs are being sprayed within the lock moorings.
Last week end several boaters spoke to me regarding the inconvenience this caused when using the flight some stated they had complained to CaRT.
What happened to 'The Waterways Code'?
Is it a case of  “not invented by CaRT' has resulted in its withdrawal!
Also within the same document there is a cycling advice section! Whilst Allan Leighton states 'The heart of activities remains, and will always remain, navigation' you all talk the talk but you need to walk the walk!
Be inclusive of experienced boaters they could teach and help you a lot.

Not allowed at lock moorings

The rules clearly state that fishing is not allowed at lock moorings and that 'boats crews need access to the bank withing 25 metres of locks or bridges so do not fish there'.

Yet shown in the photograph above is a peg number by the side of the actual mooring bollard, and on a flight at that...