How many people drown?

Published: Monday, 18 March 2019

IT WAS sad to learn that two people had drowned in the Derbyshire canals, writes Helen Cripps.

I expect this was newsworthy as it was two in one county, as I have noticed over the years that often there are drownings that you do not mention, that brings me to the point of my email, why is it that Canal & River Trust, that are so fond of statistics, omit to tell us how many people actually drown in its canals and rivers over say a year?

Hugely inflated statistics

After all, thinking of the hugely inflated statistics of its supposed visitors to its waterway, is could easily 'bend' them to suit.

Or is it that such statistics cannot be so 'bent' as they could so easily be verified by others and so proved untrue?

Just a thought, that I imagine others have wondered