Narrowboat sinks in lock

Published: Wednesday, 06 March 2019

A NARROWBOAT sank in a Poolstock Lock at Wigan but had to be left owing to darkness falling.

Though many firefighters descended on the canal to help when the narrowboat sank in the lock they were unable to rescue it, Dugald Campbell tells us.

Caught on the cill

The firefighters attempted to bail water out of the boat but were unsuccessful, its position showing that it had, like many before it, caught on the cill, and as the paddles were not quickly closed, had sunk.

There were plenty of people on hand including two fire engines and a specialist unit, but they were unable to raise the boat, though they were able to assist the two crew get off the boat together with their dog, though all were wet, being stuck on the submerged boat.

Attempted to pump out

The firefighters attempted to pump the water out, but obviously not having dedicated experience were not successful, eventually giving up as darkness fell.

It is not known if it has now been removed.