Broad beams on all canals?

Published: Tuesday, 22 January 2019

KEVIN McNiff's obviously well researched article about broad beams on narrow canals creates a worry.

The worry being that now that Canal & River Trust, sorry forgot, the 'Wellbeing' charity'(!) has got away with broad beams on the Oxford will it now allow them on all canals? Asks T. Lang.

Licence fees increased

We must all know that it is shortly to increase the licence fees of all broad beams above that of narrowboats, so it will obviously want more of them, and with so many of its waterways being narrow canals, I can well see all soon having broad beams moored along their banks creating the hell of a problem, especially when cutting back foliage is so often neglected.

Allowing broad beams on such canals as Kevin shows in his photographs, means many boats being pushed into the uncut foliage by broad beams with resulting scratches and scores along their sides, as these broad beam owners move to different moorings, as they no doubt will, resulting in some fun and games as they attempt to pass boats.

It would be good to see two of them attempting to pass!