Worry about discontinuing stoppage notices

Published: Monday, 14 January 2019

BOATERS are showing concern at the possibility of CaRT discontinuing stoppage notices.

Although the information only appeared in narrowboatworld yesterday, boaters have contacted us showing concern at the possibility that Canal & River Trust many be discontinuing sending out stoppage notices.

No notices

It was Victor Swift who pointed out that, though there had been four emergency stoppages so far this year, no stoppage notices concerning these had been received by boaters, giving the impression that they are no longer being published.

Our regular contributor Helen Cripps told us she was 'most worried as being a regular boater I rely on those stoppage notices to discover what canals are closed'.  Another regular, Gerry Varley, wanted to know 'how the hell can we find out which canals are open as trawling through the hundreds of canals and things listed on CaRT's website is too daunting to contemplate'.


Other boaters have told us of their concerns with a couple of continuous cruisers worried about moving and being prevented from getting to facilities by not knowing there was a stoppage. One boater, Tom Redway agrees with Victor in that it could be to prevent those 'in charge of the purse strings from realising how their money is being squandered'.