Divers needed at Gloucester Lock

Published: Monday, 17 December 2018

A PROBLEM with Gloucester Lock on the Severn required divers to carry out an inspection.

gloucester wallIt has been discovered that too much water is leaking from the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal into the river that an inspection is needed to ascertain the reason, Alan Tilbury reports.

Inspect whole area

Divers have been called in owing to the depth of the river to inspect the whole area around the gates to discover why water is flowing from the canal.

With this being a canal lock it is by no means a dangerous job for the divers, unlike when inspecting locks on the actual river, as diver David Moore was killed when a poorly maintained dam was swept away at Upper Lode Lock in 2004, as reported in narrowboatworld, with the then British Waterways and the contractor being held reponsible. (BW face massive fine over diver's death).