Development raises questions

Published: Thursday, 06 December 2018

YOUR report on the the local MP [Development at the Clayton Triangle] raises a few questions, writes Martin Cox.

Who is going to provide the money for any redevelopment?

No 'spare' cash

There was a further comment from the local council 'The council aren’t in any discussions at this time but we’d work with any investor interested in developing the canalside or any brownfield site'.  I think it can be agreed that local councils have virtually no 'spare' cash.

CaRT would be better advised to invest its money in the various work needed to keep the L&L in water.

No attraction when no boats or water

That said we know that to keep its government grant flowing it needs to jump through a lot of hoops. But
if it spends money on improving the surroundings nobody will be attracted to a canal that has no boats and no water!

The council do have a Supplementary Planning Document setting out what they would like to see done. This notes that some, if not all, of the area is within an HSE high risk zone created by the storage of chemicals at a Bridge Street site.

Last time we came through this bit of the L & L we were met by a floating bath.