Man too engrossed on his phone steps into canal lock

Published: Thursday, 06 December 2018

A MAN obviously too engrossed on his phone turned off a walkway and walked straight into a lock!

He had walked down the ramp from the bridge at Castle Street Lock in Nottingham, turned right and walked straight into a lock—luckily full of water, Keith Gudgin reports.

Covered in leaves

The lock at the time was full and covered in leaves, with the fella so interested in his conversation, most likely believing it part of the footpath, but alas it was not and so went straight into the water.

Being a busy part of the city there were a couple of people on hand to haul the rather wet man out of the lock—minus his phone.

Warns customers

The local pub landlady, Ann Marie Gardner, warns her customers about the risk, for when both the towpath and water is covered in leaves, anyone not looking where they are going can mistake the lock for the path.

Another who obviously did not appreciate the much declared 'wellbeing' of the canals!