Another towpath menace?

Published: Friday, 09 November 2018

ALL boaters have come across the menace of speeding cyclists on the towpaths but there is another menace in the offing.

Electric scooters could soon be legally allowed on Britain’s roads and paths in an attempt to encourage drivers to give up their cars.

ElectricScooterNew mode of transport

Ministers are at present considering changing the law to allow the use of scooters as a new mode of transport, which is already legal in both Europe and America. Though scooters can already be seen in this country, these are only self-propelled models, but electric scooters powered by an inbuilt battery are now available.

Prices for the scooters are around £300, with seated models also now available.

Curb pollution

The Department for Transport believes this new mode of transport will help to curb pollution and congestion.

The new smooth towpaths constructed for cyclists would be an ideal surface for electric scooters and with a speed of 30mph and silent, a menace indeed.