Has BWML been sold?

Published: Thursday, 01 November 2018

NO INFORMATION whatsoever can be gleaned from BWML marinas that its marinas have been sold.

But we have learned that its management is in discussions with a buyer, though well below the asking price our informant tells us.

BCrusiersOfficial announcement

The official announcement is that BWML is in discussions, but it is not stated if this is for all marinas or those that are capable of making money, it perhaps being remembered that all too often the marinas were run at a loss.

Our own Sawley Marina, promoted as 'the jewel in the crown' has fallen way back from the modern marinas, it offering very little in boater facilities, whilst such as Mercia, Barton and the like offer so much.

Another problem for boaters is that the 'terrible six' broad locks have to be negotiated on the Trent & Mersey Canal to reach the main system, that caused such an exodus to Mercia Marina when it opened, it being beyond these locks.

EmptyByBountyA great deal less in fees

From having a very healthy number of narrowboats in the past, our own jetty is now populated by 'plastic' cruisers, as is most of the marina, that bring in a great deal less in fees. And there is a great number of empty berths—there are six empty by our boat.  The only exception being the residents area.

At attempt has been made to tart-up the marina with all new electric/water bollards with LED lighting, as seen in the picture, admittedly an improvement over the old style bollards that all too often failed.

But as it was admitted by BWML that the take-up of berths at its marinas was only two thirds, it is easily understood why the asking price is not being met.