Clear-out starts at Bulbourne

Published: Monday, 29 October 2018

THE clear-out of the machinery and materials at Bulbourne Workshops has at last begun, our 'Man on the Summit' reports.

BulbourneLatheOutIt was way back in June 2016 that Canal & River Trust announced that the workshops on the summit of the Grand Union Canal were going to be turned into homes, but the property has been allowed to deteriorate ever since as has been reported in narrowboatworld.

Plenty of workers

The picture shows the big doors open on one of the workshops, 'Our Man' telling that this is the first time he had seen the doors open for years, and that there are plenty of workmen shifting machines and materials, his picture showing a large lathe being taken out.

It is not known if work is now going to start transforming the old workshops into homes, as no information is forthcoming from Canal & River Trust.