Is it another CaRT clanger?

Published: Friday, 26 October 2018

I AM thinking that closing navigation on the Shroppie for six weeks to clean a bridge is another mis-information clanger from CaRT, writes T. Lang.

I remember other cases of work being done on railway bridges, where scaffolding and sheets are erected to stop anything falling and the navigation underneath remains open. All part of the many regulations in force nowadays.

Why the towpath closed?

And why the towpath should be closed for six weeks when it can easily be policed by the workmen is strange too.  After all the work by the towpath will only be a small part of the whole bridge.

I am thinking it is more of what Victor calls a 'Cartism'—the stoppage notice giving the wrong information, being of course produced by someone who knows no better, and what we now come to expect.