Continue to feed them bread

Published: Monday, 22 October 2018

Like Victor we have tried feeding ducks and swans with the CaRT approved vegetable peelings etc and have also found that they are simply ignored, writes David Hymers.

We even tried frozen peas, which sank before the ducks could even get at them. There is a piece in one of the waterway magazines this month, which quotes the Swan Sanctuary on the Thames. Their vet can find no scientific evidence that bread is bad for swans or ducks and bread is not a significant water pollutant.

Sustain no harm

Observation over many years suggests that ducks and swans love bread and sustain no harm from it—if they do, where are all the dead ones?

In fact, the canal system is covered in mallards, with large flocks of ducklings in the spring. There is also a substantial population of swans. Until CaRT can come forward with properly referenced scientific data I shall continue to feed them with bread.