Has CaRT got it right?

Published: Monday, 22 October 2018

I have been following your series of articles on the new 'all-electric' moorings in north London, writes John Liney.

I MUST admit that my initial (expurgated) reaction was 'Oh dear, CaRT have made another boo-boo, they just do not know what they are doing'.

Not 'all-electric

As one of your correspondents has said, boats are not 'all-electric' and, as another points out, a 16 amps socket outlet will not provide sufficient power to run a full domestic installation with a mains cooker, a couple of small convection heaters, a portable kettle, lights, pumps, TVs, computers etc.

However, the more I think of it the more I am coming round to thinking that it is not such a bad idea. We are not talking about powering a three-bedroom semi, but a boat staying for a couple of days at a visitor mooring.

More than enough

Most boats I know of use gas for cooking and water-heating, and a small fan heater is more than enough to heat a modern, insulated boat for a short period. I can think of many moorings I have stayed at which would have been improved without the rumbling and exhaust of my neighbours' diesel engines.

In this case, I think CaRT may have got it right, even if accidentally.