Visitor was underwhelmed

Published: Friday, 19 October 2018

I HAVE to say that I was underwhelmed by my visit to the much acclaimed Standedge visitor centre writes, Ralph Rhodes.

There really is very little there to see, just a few information boards and very little else, so no wonder it is free.

All disappointed

It was a leaflet telling me that it had 50,000 visitors a years that prompted the visit for my family, but we were all disappointed, with the small play area for children nothing like what is expected in this day and age, keeping my two entertained for all of five minutes. So we took the [boat] trip into the tunnel, that was so acclaimed, but really is just boring as there is nothing to see in the short journey there and back, with an unbelievable mystery being told of a ghost.

We went on a weekend and though decent weather there was hardly anyone there, with just eight people in the visitor centre and the boat trip less than half full, so how they get the figure of 50,000 a year is the only mystery!

I obtained details of your site from a boating friend. [Thank you for your following kind words about narrowboatworld, but we do not include self congratulations.]