New Marina for Milton Keynes

Published: Monday, 08 October 2018

IT HAS been agreed to construct a 111 berths marina at Milton Keynes in 'compensation' for 383 homes by the Grand Union Canal.

In addition, there will be the most expensive canal footbridge ever costing £35 millions spanning the waterway, Roger Fox tells us.


Construction will begin later this month on a new three-legged footbridge which will be the centre piece of the canal-side mixed use development connecting the two parts that straddle the waterway.

It will then be lifted in one piece using a 1,000 tonnes crane, and provide a connection with the two parts of the development spanning the waterway and the marina.

It is told that the parapets of the bridge have been designed to reflect the reeds and rushes typically found along the banks of the canal and will be completed in December with its official opening in the Summer.

Viewing platform

Oliver Stross, Principal Engineer at COWI, the specialist engineers constructing the bridge explained:

“The bridge introduces both a physical and visual link between the new development and the marina. Its unusual three-legged design frames the marina entrance and provides an enlarged platform at the centre of the canal from which to watch the narrowboats below.

The bridge will be for the use of both pedestrians and cyclists.