Expensive car knocked into the Regent's Canal

Published: Thursday, 04 October 2018

IT Was really bad luck for the owner of an expensive classic 356 Speedster it being knocked into the Regents Canal by a passing van.

CarInRegentsKalvin Cauldwell was alerted when he heard a crash, then went out of the garage where he was working to see his 'pride and joy' well and truly sunk in the Regents Canal at Islington, Keith Gudgin reports.

Replica of Porsche 356

Estimated in the region of £30,000 the Chesil 356 Speedster convertible is a replica of the classic Porsche 356, and was parked in the car park at the back of a garage but a delivery van struck it and pushed it into the water. (Photo: PA).

The owner of the van stopped and helped get possesions out of the car, but its owner believes it will be a write-off.