A blinkered view of the Llangollen Canal

Published: Thursday, 04 October 2018

IN REPLY to Geoff Hardy's uneventful, fully maintenance free, enjoyable cruise on the Llangollen Canal, writes Wayne Abbott. 

We are all elated that you had such an enjoyable time on the well maintained Llangollen Canal.

Not notice the state

But how did our Geoff and his energetic good lady wife not (or fail to) notice the state of the towpaths and state of the canal in various places?

Especially the Sand Stone Trail between Whitchurch and Grindley Brook at the lift bridge? Or between Platt Lane Bridge and Roving Bridge?  Or between Baddiley locks and Wrenbury Firth lift bridge? Or the approaches to the other lift bridges? Or the partial collapses of the towpath along the way?

Leakages and seepages

Or landing stages at various moorings and water points? Or count the various leakages and seepages along the way?  Or the encroaching vegetation on and in the water course?

Or the desperate need of dredging in various places? Or the extremely shallow winding holes along the way?

Probably because, as they were oblivious to all of these, cruising along one of the most beautiful scenic tranquil waterways on the network taking in the pure beauty and feeling the elation of being on a narrowboat cruising on into the sunset.

Minimum standard of repair

These cheerful persons may not know that it conveys water to Hurleston reservoir at the end of said canal. Meaning that CART has an obligation to keep and maintain the canal to a minimum standard of repair to enable it to meet its obligation of delivering millions of gallons of water, (and the revenue in that comes from it).

Also the fact that there are at least eight hire companies who operate on said canal. (And the revenue from those.)

Along with the numerous marinas situated on said canal with the revenue from those also, including all licence holders moored or cruising on the canal.

Perpetuate the myths

Notwithstanding, we hope you will be back again next year along with lots of fellow like minded persons, for it is people like yourselves and others CART rely on to perpetuate the myths of the well maintained canal network, and that we rely on to help with the funding for the much lauded pre-planned preventative maintenance, that allows such pathetic poor performance...