Not a word of disquiet

Published: Friday, 28 September 2018

THE Press Release concerning the recent Canal & River Trust Annual Public Meeting gave no mention of the disquiet that was voiced.

A number of people spoke of their dismay at the current state of the waterways, but none were included in the Release.

Fit for the future

Instead there were such statements as how Chief Executive Richard Parry spoke about the 'importance of creating a Trust that is fit for the future, how the charity is working towards that goal, and is widening the appeal of the nation’s waterways'.

Other such statements were that 'attendees heard an overview of how the Trust is funding the task of caring for the waterways now and sustaining their care for the longer term; working with partners and those who live, work and travel along the waterways; engaging communities with the work the Trust carries out; managing water resources; and making sure the Trust is in the best shape possible for the future, with new brand positioning and a new devolved regional structure'.

12 waterways closed

The fact that at one time 12 separate waterways were closed and that the three major northern waterways were closed for most of the summer, that was brought up at the meeting, was not mentioned in the Release, neither were the questions concerning the continuous failures and poorly maintained structures, clearly showing that very little is 'in the best shape possible', and how in fact in can be if less and less is being spent on the maintenance of the structures.

Such questions were not only omitted, but brushed aside at the meeting, as they did not fit the trust's 'image' as being so capable of looking after its waterways.

Which our recent 16 days experience of cruising these self same waterways showed, it is certainly not, as Victor Swift so clearly exposed.