Middlewich breach fake news back fires

Published: Tuesday, 11 September 2018

THE media has seen straight through the fake news concerning the Middlewich breach.

Newspapers had accepted the Press Release from Canal & River Trust where it blamed a boater for the breach, but as soon as they were told of the accurate reason, first the Telegraph then others quickly took the release down from their internet sites, realising it was fake news.

Clearly impossible

We have been told by a number of our regular contributors that they were aghast at the lies that CaRT was peddling in stating that a boater had opened both sets of gates on a lock to cause the surge that caused the breach and so quickly alerted the newspapers to the articles in narrowboatworld that clearly showed that this was absolutely impossible.

The various publications understood about the tremendous pressure on a lock gate that could not possibly be moved by anyone, and accepted the more likely reason of speeding hirers on their way to the nearest pub in a hurry causing a wake that eventually caused the breach.

So CaRT attempting to blame boaters yet again for its own inadequacy for its lack of maintenance has once again back fired.