CaRT breaches data regulations

Published: Saturday, 25 August 2018

THE Canal & River Trust has breached the recently introduced data regulations by allowing boaters' data to be divulged to third parties.

Customers' boat licencing data has been breached it was discovered, allowing third parties to have view of what is supposed to be secure information.

Licensing renewals

The trust has advised its customers that 'on Wednesday morning (22 August 2018) the Canal & River Trust discovered a data breach in relation to licensing renewals affecting a number of customers'.

It is now in the process of contacting all its customers, stating whether or not their data had been breached, blaming  'a technical issue at our sub-contractor and not a breach of the trust’s security system'.

It states that no bank/bank card details were released during the breach and it is not believed that any boater was put at any financial risk, but of course is not certain, and is urgently investigating the cause of this breach, our being told:

Additional measures

"We have already directly contacted those boaters who are affected and will be updating them again once we have established the cause of the breach. We are currently reviewing our processes and considering what additional measures we can implement to ensure that there can be no repeat incidences."

Boaters worried about the breach in their data are being given the opportunity to speak to a representative on 0303 040 4040, with the customer service phone line being staffed over this weekend