Take to the rivers

Published: Thursday, 23 August 2018

WITH Canal & River Trust seemingly intent upon closing as many canals as it can there is now a distinct worry about where to moor come the winter, writes T. Lang.

This worry is the current main talking point in canalside pubs, as closure follows closure, through one reason or another, though many boaters know it is mainly by the the negligence of proper maintenance.

Always water

No few boaters I have spoken to are considering taking to the rivers, though some point out the lack of moorings on many of them but at least there is always water, and they pass through towns where at least there are some moorings, though it is agreed the Environment Agency ones can be expensive.

A couple of continuous cruisers are taking to the Weaver, as there are moorings and facilities, and should the Anderton Lift be closed for the winter, all the better they believe.  Others point out the combined Trent and Soar, with the latter a firm favourite with its canal sections with plenty of moorings, especially in Loughborough and Leicester.

Plenty of moorings

On the Trent the canal section through Nottingham is a favourite of some, again with plenty of moorings together with facilities, but downstream to Newark can be dicey. The Severn however does not seem very popular at all to those I have spoken with.

Boaters are certainly worried about winter mooring on the canals, as a closed lock can cut off access to facilities, and those moorings in popular places by facilities are taken by those just moving a short distance and back as there are now more and more continuous cruisers—that are not.