It's Double Dutch!

Published: Monday, 13 August 2018

WHAT our Victor Swift calls 'Cartisms'—silly mistakes in Canal & River Trust's stoppage notices, is alive and well!

The latest is in a stoppage notice, yet again, about the Anderton Boat Lift, that tells us that from Sunday 12th August, 'Due to an Mechanical issue, We are in isolation until further notice'. This means that passages through the lift are restricted'.

What to make of it

So what can you make of that? Is it in isolation with something contagious? Or as our Keith Gudgin remarks perhaps it's in isolation for being like unruly feral kids that were put in 'isolation' at school.

And restricted? Restricted to what? Or when?

So a word (or two) from Victor:

Come off it Cart, you are making yourself look stupid. Surely you must have someone who understands waterway workings? Or perhaps not.  Any of those six new directors of any use here?