CaRT's BBC reports

Published: Monday, 13 August 2018

I'VE BEEN mulling over the CaRT publicity of the summer heatwave now that the rain has started again, wrtites Andrew Bailes.

Silly Season stories

The BBC reports I've heard and seen (that were perceived by some as negative publicity) seemed to me to be being presented as Silly Season stories, and I imagine CaRT would have been pleased to have had their profile raised. Brand recognition being crucial for 3rd sector organisations.

My concern is about the lack of enquiry on the part of the reporters involved (and, on one occasion, the interviewee they questioned who actually used the canals—a hireboat or tripboat operator).

Mismanaged muddle

It's surely pretty high among CaRT's obligations to manage water in and through the canals and reservoirs for which they are responsible, and, should they take on Environment Agency waterways to top their mismanaged muddle, simply producing another manager to stand in front of an empty reservoir and, shrugging, say "all the water is gone" will simply no longer be good enough.

It reminds me of a certain Labour politician's leaving a note to say "all the money is gone" on their departure from the Treasury. Such blithe irresponsibility. We all know what happened after that.