Ultimately the owner's responsibility

Published: Friday, 03 August 2018

IT'S ALL too easy to jump up and down criticising CaRT for not emphasising the danger of locks, gates and cills, writes Kevin McNiff.

But ultimately it is up to the owner and operators of the locks to make absolutely sure that their boat is safe and know what to do in the event of a potential crisis.

Not been on a boat before

No mention has been made whether or not the people on board were absolute 'first timers' or this was their first boat. I’m saddened of course and nearly once got caught myself with a 58ft because I didn’t pay attention. I’m sure the notices on the top gate beams are clear enough (I can see them in the picture) to all and I’ve not seen any missing cill paint lines this year, yet.

Which way?

But I can’t fathom out which way the boat is going—it looks like it’s facing up the lock towards the top gates. Or is this a 'stock' picture from an earlier sinking? It is the Bosley Flight though—recognise the walls.