Locks need proper cill warnings

Published: Thursday, 02 August 2018

WE CAN really feel for the people who lost their first time narrowboat in one of Bosley Locks, but cannot help but blaming Canal & River Trust for not making the dangers of the cills more prominent, writes James Henry.

That  all too often scrubbed off 'cill' marking on the ground does not signify the danger of being hung-up on the cill, which is perhaps fine for the experienced who quickly drop the paddles that are releasing water if they see the boat tip, but someone on their first time out will not know what to do and so a proper notice telling them if the boat is seen to be caught would seem to be sensible.

Rushed to drop the paddles

I am sure that many boaters, like myself, have noticed a boat caught and rushed to drop the paddle to prevent a sinking, I only too well remember a fellow shouting at me to leave the paddles alone when his boat was caught, he not realising I was actually saving it.

But we all know that Canal & River Trust are terrified of suggesting the working of the locks are dangerous, but they are dangerous as time and time again boats are sunk having been caught on the cill and the boaters not knowing what to do, but I expect it is too much to ask for the trust to do anything about it and have signs telling what what action to take, even though it would save boats sinking.