L&L into Liverpool opens 24th August

Published: Thursday, 02 August 2018

THE good news is that the Leeds & Liverpool will re-open into Liverpool in time for the August Bank Holiday.

The bad news however is that there are no notifications for all the flights that are at present chained-up preventing navigation, Keith Gudgin reminds us.

Culvert failure

The problem was a culvert failure at Holmes Swing Bridge near Melling, breaching the waterway, when a hole appeared draining the water from the canal that cut off navigation, leaving boats stranded at the Liverpool Docks and preventing any access by others.

The collapsed culvert was discovered on the 13th June, and though early stoppage notices promised a quick repair, it seems it will have taken two and half months before the navigation will be re-opened.

Experienced issues

The reason for the continued delay Canal & River Trust tell is that the workers have 'experienced issues relating to water management and pipe installation at the site which have impacted progress', though we are not told what those 'issues' are.

It continues by telling that 'the team are working hard to remedy the issues'.