Which world are they living in?

Published: Friday, 27 July 2018

READING the blurb from CaRT that  the waterways continue to improve year on year prompts me to ask which world are they living in, certainly not ours, writes James Henry.

I was stopped from the Llangollen by the breach that we all know was caused through lack of inspection of the damage caused by speeding hire boats, and the various culverts that are giving way and closing canals, again through lack of either inspection or maintenance, so cannot be blamed on lack of rainfall, that is the latest 'get-out'.

Poor maintenance

And the crumbling locks on Marple Flight that is closed and the breach on the Macc are clear examples of poor maintenance.

The northern canals too, with many miles of the Leeds & Liverpool shut and the poor Huddersfield Narrow closed and now in addition the Rochdale Canal, all with their many leaking gates, so come dry weather and Bingo! no water!

Worse than they have ever been

So please don't tell me the waterways continue to improve year on year.  I've been boating well over 20 years and from sheer experience I can tell those at CaRT that the waterways have not continued to improve, they are now in a worse state than they even have been, but [CaRT] will never admit it, though with the report of 12 closed at the same time it is obvious to all but those who do not want to see.