Now another stoppage on the Rochdale

Published: Thursday, 26 July 2018

THERE have been so many restrictions and closures on the Rochdale Canal in the past few weeks, that it is difficult to keep up, but another restriction has turned into a stoppage.

The time limit restriction between locks 7 and 11 at Hebden Bridge turned into a definite stoppage yesterday, as not enough water  to guarantee passage, Keith Gudgin tells us.

Should water levels raise

However, we are also told that should water levels raise, navigation will again be available though with restrictions.

But with reservoirs low and no rain in the offing it seems doubtful that the levels will raise and in any case Tuel Hill lock, just three miles away is ' permanently closed until further notice'.


As expected the water levels did not rise so it is was announced today (Thursday) that there is now a full stoppage between locks 7 and 11 at Hebden Bridge.