What other sort of moorings?

Published: Monday, 18 June 2018

READING David's article about signs and the re- wording brought to mind something that has been puzzling me, writes, Jenny Macgillivray.

These signs now say 'Waterside mooring'. What other sort of mooring could there be? Okay I suppose there are pontoon moorings, but in that case these online mooring are more accurately bank side moorings!

Also may I recount a recent incidence—We were on the disabled moorings at Banbury, and as I was setting up my husband's mobility scooter a hire boat started to pull in and then saw the signs on the red bollards.

Where could they moor?

They called to me and asked if there was anywhere they could moor? I pointed to all the empty moorings on the opposite bank. They said: "Oh we thought that blue sign (the sunken tyre) meant it was private and cost £25 a day."

I explained that it was the new CaRT logo and they could moor for two days. The £25 was an excess mooring fee.

I say no more!