Whatever next?

Published: Wednesday, 13 June 2018

COMING back from our cruise we met a strange thing moored on our Sawley Marina jetty...

It was a floating hut taking up around four berths.

Sawley cabin400Two bedroom dwelling

It was eventually discovered this is a new venture for Sawley, with the 'hut' that is actually a two bedroom water borne dwelling now ensconced on a sales jetty, obviously for sale with moorings.

The sales blurb asks if you dream of living surrounded by nature, watching ever changing scenery?

Then stretches the imagination somewhat and goes on to tell: Let us realise your vision and capture your imagination with this two bedroom floating home set on the river in a private gated community at Sawley Marina.

With now so many empty berths in the marina, taking up around four will at least help to fill a few.