Hire company couldn't care less

Published: Friday, 01 June 2018

IT WAS Victor who reported the double crash of a hire boat with a moored private boat, so here is the outcome.

It may be remembered that the woman steerer approaching the moored boat at speed swung the tiller the wrong way and crashed into the moored boat, then a man took over, reversed then went forward doing exactly the same thing, crashing into the boat for the second time.

Ansty boat hitNot much joy

Deborah Clifford of the damaged boat contacted the hire boat company Union Canal Carriers but alas did not get much joy and certainly no compensation offered for the damage, but we will allow Deborah to explain in her email to the company:

Good afternoon

Further to my telephone conversation with Tim this afternoon, I wanted to let you know that I will be reporting this incident to both CRT and the media.

What an attitude from a supposedly reputable company when told that their day boat is deliberately ramming moored boats—“I will give them a bollocking”—and hanging up the phone!

No—“Sorry to hear that. Are you OK. was there much damage?……” etc. A walker on the towpath even stopped to offer more concern. When my husband called back to complain at the use of language he also got the phone put down on him…

What a disgusting way for your Company to behave.

Deborah Clifford